HawkGrips Testimonials
Who’s Using HawkGrips?

In just a few short years, HawkGrips have made their mark on a variety of healthcare professions including physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, athletic training, occupational therapy, and many other specializations. HawkGrips instruments are used by leading rehabilitation practitioners, hospitals, professional sports teams, private athletes, and numerous athletic departments on both the collegiate and high school levels.

“This is the most amazing company. They truly care about their customers and the products they provide. I could not be more grateful for all they have done to help my husband and provide relief from his chronic pain due to military service injuries. The tools are amazing and easy to use, learn and handle. Their customer service is the absolute best in the entire industry. Quick responses, from the same person each time and a true desire to help. Thank you, HawkGrips, for giving me my husband back and giving my son his daddy back.”Dawn Merrick, Texas
Sue Falsone Testimonial
“HawkGrips has the superior product on the market for instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. Comfortable, durable, and easy- to-use tools, accompanied with great product education and amazing customer service makes HawkGrips tough to beat.”Sue Falsone, PT, MS, SCS, ATC, CSCS, COMT, RYT
Throughout my career I have used many tools, but the HGPro is by far the best multi-instrument IASTM tool available. With multiple treatment edges and precision weighting, I have found the HGPro to be very versatile and both efficient and effective to treat most conditions. Mike Voight, PT, DHSc, OCS, SCS, ATC, CSCS, FAPTA
“After years of working with various instruments, I knew immediately that I was seeing the ‘Gold Standard’ of IASTM when I came across HawkGrips. The variety of treatment edges, textured gripping, and quality surface finish are unmatched for patient and therapist comfort. HawkGrips are the future of IASTM treatment and the tools I prefer to use when treating my patients.”Mark Butler, PT, DPT, OCS, Cert. MDT

Mark Butler
“I am a board-certified medical massage therapist who was recently introduced to the HawkGrips IASTM method. I have a very busy practice and work with many patients who are in chronic pain. I was skeptical at first when I purchased my Gold Set of HawkGrips instruments. But after having used them for the last several months, I have to say these tools have significantly changed my practice in a very positive way. My clients are reporting long-lasting pain relief in virtually every area of the body where the tools are used. In some cases, pain that was reported as lasting for years has been resolved after one treatment. The HawkGrips tools have taken tremendous pressure off my hands so I can also work with more clients in a day than I could before. I am positive my investment will be paid back in a matter of months.  I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase and I would recommend the HawkGrips IASTM tools to any practitioner wishing to add business and provide more effective treatments for their clients. Thank you, HawkGrips, I look forward to new developments in the future.”Kreig Peterson, Board-Certified LMT, MMT, Myoskeletal Therapist

“I have used multiple tools in the past (including Adhesion Breakers, Ellipse tools, Myofascial Releaser, etc.) in various sports settings throughout my career, but none have matched the quality precision and durability that have been achieved by HawkGrips. The tools feel great in my hands, and really enhance my treatment outcomes. My athletes are already seeing the benefit. I highly recommend HawkGrips to anybody looking to take their treatment skills to the next level.”Desmond L. Diaz, LMT, NAT, FMT, CPT, Orthopedic Massage Therapist; Orlando City Soccer Club/Orlando Pride; Owner, A Balanced Life Center (mobile sports clinic)
“In the past, I have been skeptical about the use of tools in my practice. However, I’ve found HawkGrips have improved my manual therapy interventions by allowing me to easily feel adhesions and restrictions. Without losing the precision and depth that I am used to when using my hands for soft tissue techniques, HawkGrips have also significantly decreased the amount of loading my hands experience daily.”Brendan Toner, PT, DPT, MS, OCS
“HawkGrips have been an excellent addition to our rehabilitation protocols, chiefly in the treatment of fascia-related injuries, at The University of Akron. We have found that the specialization of the instruments, particularly the differing sizes and shapes, have allowed our athletic training staff to really focus on specific problem areas. The addition of the textured grips allows for secure handling without slipping, making treatment sessions smooth and efficient.”Stacey Buser, MS, AT, ATC; Senior Clinical Instructor, University of Akron

“After using my hands for deep tissue release for years, I didn’t realize how much they were missing until l started utilizing steel instruments five years ago. HawkGrips work great for the detection and treatment of soft tissue dysfunction. I’ve used different tools in the past but HawkGrips have taken it to the next level.”Scott Toale, PT, MPT, Cert. MDT; Facility Director/Physical Therapist; PHOENIX Rehabilitation and Health Services. Inc.
“I believe the greatest gifts we have as clinicians are our hands. HawkGrips are a great way of saving our hands from the abnormal wear and tear required when performing hands-on therapies related to fascial dysfunction and breaking up adhesions. The use of HawkGrips has been a great adjunct to my rehabilitation of our players.”Jim McCrossin, MS, ATC, CSCS, PES, CES; Head Athletic Trainer, Philadelphia Flyers
“As a practitioner who favors manual therapy, the tools and training provide me with the ability to manage many pathologies with minimal wear on myself. The varied styles of tools enable the treatment and tool to be personalized to the individual athlete’s injury. HawkGrips tools are an excellent addition to my daily practice.”Kendall Stewart, MS, LAT, ATC, CES, PES, Assistant Athletic Trainer; Temple University, Philadelphia
“HawkGrips have been a great addition to our clinic. They were an essential part of my treatment protocol at the 2014 CrossFit Games, allowing me to provide recovery and preparation for my competing athletes, including Rich Froning.”Nathaniel L. Mainord, DC, CCEP, FMT; Owner/Clinical Director, Optimal Health & Performance

HG4 treatment of hand, HawkGrips testimonials
“HawkGrips are an essential tool for soft tissue management of our athletes. HawkGrips have been extremely effective in helping us manage soft tissue stress throughout the season, allowing our team to focus on competing at the highest level.”Christopher Stackpole, PT; Director of Player Health and Performance, Portland Trail Blazers
“Everything about this company is awesome. The people, the tools, and what they stand for are all what you look for in a company!”Amanda McDonald, PTA, Montana
My name is Kate Miller, PTA, BSPTA, CFT. As of this moment I have taken both level one and level two courses delivered by HawkGrips. Each had a different instructor, but both were phenomenal. What impressed me about those that taught was the audible and palpable passion each had for the product and the technique. The course difficulty was great for any clinician. I do not necessarily recommend non-clinical minds as attendees and a strong background in physiology and biomechanics is a must. The advanced course was by far one of the best continuing education courses I have ever taken. It built on my basic knowledge and experience with IASTM, allowing for exponential growth in my practice. I have applied this education to patients across a grandiose spectrum from acute orthopedic injury to chronic low back pain. One patient stands out in particular. I applied basic and advanced techniques to this person, who was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis many years ago. He now has almost complete fusion of his C-spine, complete fusion of his L-spine, and widely diminished range of motion in the T-spine. Many clinicians and doctors alike pumped him full of meds and, for lack of a more proper way to put it, gave up on him. This person was driven and an advocate in his own care, which helped immensely. IASTM…. CHANGED HIS LIFE. The gains in ROM have brought him and I to tears. It is unbelievable to witness such an amazing clinical case. I can’t wait to positively impact the lives of many others.Kate Miller, PTA, BSPTA, CFT, San Diego, CA
“HawkGrips have been a welcome addition to our training room. These instruments are the best I’ve ever used for identifying and breaking down adhesions, not only post-surgery, but also fascia/muscle restrictions from daily exercise.”Sal Raffa, ATC, Athletic Trainer; Philadelphia Flyers
“As a believer in innovation and creativity, the reason I choose HawkGrips is because their company and instruments support innovation in the name of health. HawkGrips creates a higher standard in IASTM, and the biggest differentiator is the hand-grip design, which allows me to more creatively use each tool and save my hands.”Teddy Hodges; Owner, Brace Under
“Having been trained in Graston Techniques [M]1 & [M]2, HawkGrips is the next level of IASTM. Not only are the tools easier to manipulate, but there is an expanded variety of tools, which allows for greater treatment possibilities. For those new to IASTM, I would highly recommend the HawkGrips [Core Principles] class because it offers great techniques and applications for practical treatment sessions that can be applied immediately within your practice.”Kayla Griffis, PTA