Valerie Flack

Val Flack is the Sales & Distribution Manager at HawkGrips. Her role entails supporting the company’s distributors and sales representatives, as well as communicating directly with various clinics, hospitals, schools, and sports teams throughout the United States and Canada. She also manages the product trial program that enables interested parties/potential customers to utilize HawkGrips instruments for 30 days at no charge.

What attracted Val to joining the HawkGrips staff?

“I enjoy working for and promoting products and companies that I believe in,” she says. “I personally appreciate a holistic approach to healthcare, and hearing success stories about how manual therapy with HawkGrips changes people’s lives makes my position very rewarding. My background in healthcare/rehab contributed to my initial interest in working for HawkGrips, but I’m having a lot of fun expanding into the chiropractic, athletic, and educational avenues of the business.”

Before coming on board at HawkGrips, Val worked for a national manufacturer of durable medical equipment (DME) as the Insurance Billing Manager/Regional Sales Director for more than eight years. She originally hails from Portland, OR, and went to college there as well.

“I enjoy exploring the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest, trying new local coffee shops, eateries, and bars with friends and family, and playing with my 1-year-old goldendoodle Charles,” relates Val.