Char-Anne Lyon

Char-Anne Lyon is the Executive Assistant at HawkGrips. In this role, she coordinates the travel and appointment calendars of the President [Frank Osborne] and COO [Sean MacNeal]. She also assists the Director of Education and Marketing Manager with administrative tasks. In addition, Char-Anne conducts research when needed and is always available to lend a helping hand around the office.

“I try to tackle every day with a positive outlook, and I enjoy having varied tasks on any given day because it keeps me on my toes,” says Char-Anne. “I was drawn to HawkGrips initially because the office atmosphere felt like places I’ve enjoyed working before.”

Char-Anne’s previous background includes a focus on counseling and human services with an interest in thanatology. She has spent the past 12 years as an Executive Assistant in various settings, primarily nonprofit organizations. In these roles, she supported both Executive Directors and entire departments, the largest of which included eight people.

On a personal level, Char-Anne grew up and raised her family in Northeast Pennsylvania. She loves music and enjoys attending concerts whenever she can. One of her favorite places to visit is Cape Cod, MA, which she usually does a few times each year. Char-Anne likes travel in general and this dovetails well with her interest in concerts.

“I’m happiest when I get to spend time with family and friends, and am lucky enough to have an abundance of good folks in my life,” she relates.