Why Choose HawkGrips

You don’t settle when it comes to the quality of treatment for your patients, so why settle for anything but the best instruments? HawkGrips products not only provide exemplary patient outcomes, but also keep your own physical stress levels at a minimum due to the ergonomic design and non-slip grips. Your patients will thank you for having the highest-quality products in your office, and you will see the results as patient referrals increase!

We offer a free listing in our Locate A Provider database, as well as opportunities to make yourself heard through content such as articles and guest blog posts featured on the HawkGrips website and social media pages. These benefits, which would automatically be available to you as a HawkGrips customer, can only increase your exposure to patients searching for a local practitioner!

Indications for IASTM with HawkGrips

HawkGrips in Action

“HawkGrips have been an excellent addition to our rehabilitation protocols. We have found that the specialization of the instruments, particularly the differing sizes and shapes, have enabled our athletic training staff to really focus on specific problem areas. The textured grips allow for secure handling without slipping, making treatment sessions smooth and efficient.”Stacey Buser, LAT, MS, ATC, Senior Clinical Instructor, University of Akron
HawkGrips Website Branding

Copy and paste the following code to embed a HawkGrips button on your website. This button will link to the HawkGrips website, providing clients with more information on the instruments and IASTM technique.




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